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March 29, 2008

2008 March Prayer Guide

Cuernavaca, Morelos

The month of February was short but had so many activities that had kept us busy. The Men's club in Shekinah church is going very well. After The 10 Commandments, they are studying on "Boundaries for Adolescents." They saw the need for better relationship with their teenagers. Abe is also preparing himself for Naomi (10) though she will not be teen in years.

Abe’s trip to Tampico went well. A small Korean community is eager to set itself a Christian family. Thanks for your prayer.

Prayer items.

o March 1: Elaine will play piano at a wedding at Filadelfia church.

o March 2: Abe is scheduled to preach and the communion at Filadelfia NPC.

o March 8: Spring Mini-Olympics at Goldenwoods Schools. Pray that we as a family would have fun. Also on the same day, our dear friend CAM missionary Tim & Michelle are hosting a conference on the servant leadership. Pray for good attendance.

o March 15-20: We have visitors (Dr. Jay Shim and his wife Joyce) are visiting us. We are so excited to see them. Elaine has known them since her junior high years. Dr. Shim will preach at Gethsemani Church (Moises Brito) on March 16.

o March 22-28: Abe is once again invited to lecture on Urban Mission at AMICH of Chiapas. So we as a family are heading to Chiapas. While Abe teach the course, Elaine and the kids will make visits to friends. Especially, pray for the family of Pedro Gutierrez and Esperanza Peñate for their marriage struggle. A church member of the church where Pedro is pastor has caused a problem in their marriage.

o March 29-31: Board members visit is scheduled to feel and witness our ministry in Cuernavaca. May this visit be a comfort and encouragement to us.

o Reformed Theological Seminary. Abe’s teaching duty continues this month so travel every Thursdays to the world largest city.

o Seminary’s TEE center in Morelos. We have 13+ students. Its third module has begun since Feb. 24. On March 1 Abe will teach new course (NT Exegesis). He is scheduled to teach every other Saturday. Pray also for other pastors—Jose Ocampo, Nain de Jesus, & Francisco Melendez—who are also scheduled to teach in between their busy church activities.

o Personal discipleship. Brother Cho has gained confidence in studying the Bible with Abe. May his stay in Cuernavaca will help in getting to know God in addition to his Ph.D. study at UAEM.

o Shekinah RPC Men's Club. Twice a month a group of 5-6 men gathers together for a Bible & thematic study with Abe. At the last meeting, the men started to pray and bless their own family. Praise the Lord.

o Pray for Elaine's activities:
1. Filadelfia NPC women's society has asked her to lead Bible study on March 4 & 11. The theme is "The importance of teaching Bible at home".
2. Prayer Meeting & Bible Study with Goldenwwds School Moms. She now has 5 moms in the group. They study "The power of the positive mom". Please continue to pray for this ministry. Many of their prayer requests are related to their marriage issues. This helps not only to strengthen the school but also reach out their family needs.
3. Kid's club. Elaine has planned to cover The 10 Commandments (Focus on the Family’s home-builder material). Pray for Elaine since it is her first-time in kid’s ministry. Beyond fear, now she is really enjoying it. It is a sign of another ministry for her to pursue.
4. As time goes by, Elaine is receiving many prayer requests from broken families. She has been asked to counsel some family and woman issues. Pray that God would give her wisdom and courage to deal with the requests.

o Pray for the ministry of Tiempo Con Dios (a monthly devotional book). We ask God for a dedicated person for such a ministry. Since there isn't any monetary profit from this book sale, it would be a real search for a right person. May God send us a qualified servant.

o We are scheduled to purchase a new vehicle for our ministry during our upcoming home-service (Dec. 2008 – June 2009). Please pray for its fundraising.

o Pray for our family for health, safety, and kids with their studies. Elaine and Abe have been under drug treatment for Typhoid fever. Thanks God that its under control.

Thanks for your prayer, love, and giving, God bless you!

Rev. Abraham & Mrs. Elaine Lee

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