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February 07, 2008

2008 February Prayer Guide

Cuernavaca, Morelos

Praise for the fruitful trip down to Chiapas, except a concern of a pastor who seems to be in marital trouble. Pray for pastor Pedro Gutierrez and his wife Esperanza. … Two Presbyterial Bible Institutes among the Chols are growing and getting better attention from their own presbyteries. … Also the Diaconia de Chiapas is on its move outreaching their churches to enhance their agronomical skills. This work even got attention from churches in Merida as they’ve learned its effectiveness by presentations at a recent RPC synod in Chiapas.

o Reformed Theological Seminary. This semester Abe is traveling every Thursdays alone to Mexico City to lecture. He is teaching Calvinism 1 and Evangelism 2.
o Morelos Bible Extension center. We have 13+ students. Pray for teachers—Pastor Jose Ocampo, Pastor Aaron Marino, Pastor Jose Luis Gonzales, and Abe.
o Personal discipleship. Brother Cho is gaining a growing confidence in studying the Bible with Abe. May his stay in Cuernavaca is fulfilled by getting closer to God beside his Ph.D. study at UAEM.
o Shekinah RPCM’s Men’s Club. Twice a month a group of men of Shekinah RPCM will gather together for Bible study and thematic study with Abe. Abe foresees a healthy men society within this church. At its launching meeting there showed 6 men with a lot of tremendous testimonies. Praise the Lord.
o Pray for Elaine’s activities: Regretfully, some of her last year activities have been cancelled. It was very disappointing to her; however, God has opened other doors to continue minister. She has started Kid’s club. All the kids are from the Goldenwood school. The purpose of the ministry is to evangelize the kids and to reach the parents eventually.

Also, prayer meetings with Goldenwoods School Moms are going well. They have asked, since this month, Elaine to lead a bible study regards on how to raise kids.

Filadelfia has asked Elaine to give on a regular base a study for Women society. Please pray for God’s guidance and wisdom.

o Obrero Felipe will get married on the 23rd. He has served a missions for a long time and found a charm and wholehearted lady. He failed his first marriage from which he has a son. It is also a second marriage for Elia. Her first husband passed away a decade ago. Join us in blessing this new weds.
o Abe will preach a Korean church in Tampico on the 17th. A church of basically among a Korean company invited him to share God’s vision in Mexico.
o Amigos Sin Frontera has successfully done another medical brigade trip to Durango. They report that 400 patients had been attended. All of them heard the good news and many of them got converted, including the village mayor. While the Amigos were fighting against evil power as a prayer team constantly kneel at a side, they also had to fight against weather. The temperature went down to 3º C below zero. For morelenses it was a killing power. Praise the Lord for such a fruitful service.
o Pray for the ministry of Tiempo Con Dios (a monthly devotion). We ask God for a dedicated person to distribute this book. Since there isn’t any monetary profit from this book sale, it would be a real search for the right person. May God send us a qualified man or woman who will donate some personal time for this ministry. A church (Bethel NPCM) has learned how effectively use this material and expanded to 50 subscribers for daily devotion of the Bible.

Thanks for your prayer, love, and giving,
God bless you,

Rev. Abraham & Elaine Lee

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