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November 28, 2007

Christmas letter 2007

Merry Christmas!
Please click on the picture below to download Christmas letter 2007. Its size 2 mb. You would need Adobe Reader to view it.

Or prefer Word document? Click Christmas letter 2007.

Also available in Korean. Click Christmas letter 2007 in Korean.

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A turkeyless but yet-gracious (with tacos, instead) Thanksgiving Day it was! Praise the LORD for His lordship over our family and ministry.

Praise God for an eye opening visit to Aguascalientes. A missionary friend arrived there recently and we spent sometime together exploring the city and a half of the state in two days. God has surely great plan to bless the entire state.

Praise God for new addition of baby Rachel to Elaine’s sister Sandy Kang’s family. Both are doing great and happy. Pray as the Kangs minister a Chinese church in San Jose, CA.

Thanks to God for His faithfulness in the lives of our pastors of Emmanuel presbytery. Regardless ups-and-downs of life and ministry, all are doing fine and encouraged ever to serve God’s people. Pray for RPCM pastors Jose Ocampo, Jose Luis Gonzalez, Francisco Melendez, and evangelists Felipe Arrieta, Saturnino Arrellano, & Gregorio Rodriguez.

Praise also for a special moment we’ve had with a new Baptist missions. At their monthly outreach Sunday service (with breakfast) Abe preached and shared a testimony of how God requires us the right kind of faith in Him. Paola, leader of the missions, is a mission-minded lady and is training herself to serve, in near future, Tarahumarans in Chihuahua, Mexico.

Please pray for the followings.

o Dec. 1 & 15 – Two churches will celebrate their anniversary. May the Word and the Spirit of God renew once again their vows in the expansion of God’s kingdom.

o Dec. 4 – Elaine is coming back from CA. NANANA are eager to have her back, Abe too, of course. Pray for her happy RE-union after 2 weeks of being away.

o Dec. 8 – TEE Ixtlatotatzin (ex-Seminary by extension) of Cuernavaca has now regular attendees (13 students). Though all are much talented lay leaders, some continue to struggle with the application of the Word in their daily walk. Yolanda once shared us her marriage in risk for the last two years. Pray that she’d find herself in God’s comfort.

o Dec. 10, 14 & 22 – We will celebrate Christmas with various groups of evangelical entities in town. On the 10th, Dating with Pastors & their wives (DWPW) will celebrate Navidad (Christmas breakfast) and thanksgiving for God’s blessing during the year 2007. On the 14th, AMEM will have its annual meal for Christmas. All the pastors in the area (60+) will gather together to encourage each other. On the 22nd, TEE will celebrate a banquet. In this way, we seek to encourage students and pastor-teachers to continue serving God’s church.

o Thursdays – The RPSM’s end of semester is around the corner. Pray for all the students as they write term papers and take final exams.

o Dec. 24-31 – Elaine’s parents are coming to visit and celebrate Christmas with us. NANANA take is as a Santa Clause’s visit ?.

o Pray for Elaine’s activities: Bible study on Wednesdays, One-to-one discipleship training with Karla (Wednesdays), personal encounter with Vianney, prayer time with Goldenwoods school moms, and a class for Seminary in Mexico City.

o Pray for the ministry of Tiempo Con Dios (a monthly devotion). A Pentecostal church has backed down from using it. Some others are facing financial issues (Is the monthly spending of 25 pesos/U$2.50 a burden for them? Maybe!). Pray that this booklet continue to be a helping tool for personal relationship with God.

o Pray for Abe’s literary ministry, some are almost at the end of progress.

o Pray for pastor Jose Ocampo and his wife Julia Bustos. Julia once blew out her struggle with pastor Jose at a TEE session. She had complained before on his overwhelming involvement with the church work, and yet relatively spending lesser time for the family. On the other hand, pastor Jose struggled on how to dance in between his family and the divine call to ministry. He is a very good and enthusiastic man for God’s business. It’s the time he needs most of God’s guide and wisdom.

o Pray for Tabasco and Chiapas. Though we’ve not heard of any damage by water from people we know, the needs are still great and require a long-term help. The entire Mexico is extending their love and care to those in need. Dr. Huascar de la Cruz, rector of Presbyterian seminary in Villahermosa, says that they were briefly surrounded by water, but he adds that in the early December another inundation could happen from Carrizal river that runs by west-north of the city.

Thanks for your prayer, love, and giving,
God bless you,

Rev. Abe & Elaine Lee
Christian Reformed World Missions (Mexico)
Cuernavaca, Morelos

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November 26, 2007

Yolanda, a psychologist and Tiempo Con Dios

Yolanda has been a student of Itlatol-Totazin (Nahuatl, "God's word") TEE Center since last March. She is a brilliant student. She does her homework timely and raises helpful questions all the times. She is also studying psychology for her master degree.

However, last saturday she asked me for an hour talk. She opened herself up and let so much stuff out of her darkened life so far. She had been married almost two decades, but it came to an end due to personal differences in addition to an issue between the couple. It's been 2 years. He left home and family. She lives now with her two adolescent daughters. So much need and attention are on her. She had had many mornings without food to feed her daughters, but God has shown her His faithfulness in a miraculous way. Like Elijah and the ravens, God has always been behind the curtain of earthly life.

She meditate the Word with Tiempo Con Dios (TcD), a devotional book published by Tyrannus, every morning at 5 with her daughters. They've been using it for the last 3-4 months and found much peace and blessing from the LORD. Though there are ups-and-downs of life, but God's presence and their gratitude in return are prioritized. God is big in her and their everyday walk. May the light of the LORD be upon their every inch of family walk. Thanks God for you are good.

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Thanks, thanks, thanx...

This year's Thanksgiving Day was a bit sad 'cause it missed a nicely roasted turkey. My wife is up in San Jose and we had no idea how to make it. As a sign of growth, our kids are hungry almost every hour. So we went out to have something instead...a bunch of tacos.

The year 2007. It has been a good year for us as a family and a minister. God has shown us His never dry-up care. Our children have grown and matured both in the Spirit and truth. Their school life is very much adjusted in a seemingly new culture within Mexico, specially from rural context to a fairly urbanized city life. Our ministries are taking places and gaining more and more interest from and participation of our local partner churches. Elaine enjoys her ministry so far among ladies and school evangelism. She wishes to settle down new opportunities since next year. Abe has learned a lot on rapidly changing Mexico since the last year's move from Chiapas. He enjoys the variety of urban ministry and exciting opportunities to expand. If God willing, we would like to focus more on discipleship training among lay leaders.

God's grace has always been enough and sufficient for us to carry on the missions we are called for. Thanks for your prayer, thanks for your giving and care, thanx for your friendship. In doing God's missions, the victory is always on our side (1 Cor. 15:57-58). Cheer up, God's beloveds! May His grace and mercy be upon all of you, too. AMEN.

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