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October 31, 2007

Download Summer 2007 News

Please click the picture below to download Our Summer 2007 NEWSLETTER (Year 7 #4). Its size 13 mb.
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October 29, 2007


Praise the Lord for F.M.3. It’s in our hands. A green light for another year of service! Thanks for your prayer. October has been a month of meeting after meeting—but was also of much progress and learning new opportunities.

o Our family enjoyed celebrating another year of our marriage. Our children (yet little but...mature?) took us to VIPS (like Dennys, a family restaurant) for a meal. Though we ended up spending ours, but they collected some money out of their piggybank to treat us. It was a precious and priceless gift.
o Praise the Lord also for a surprising improvement of our children in their Spanish class. They all got 1st and 2nd places in their class. Especially we are so glad to announce that Nathan won the second place in his class. He did work a lot this time. We are so proud of him.
o Marriage and family ministry has been our new exploration to deepen up as our future ministry in the area. For that, we need to mature enough to convingly speak of God's particular blessing on family and marriage.

Please pray for the followings.

o Oct. 31 – A trip to Mexico-Texas border for our vehicle matter. Pray for safety on roads.

o Nov. 5 – Dating with Pastors & their wives at an obrero Felipe’s home. This meeting will help our Emmanuel delegates prepare their participation to upcoming synod meetings in Chiapas.

o Nov. 7-9 – RPCM Synod will be held in Shoctic, Chiapas. The new Ebenezer presbytery will host delegates from all over the country. May this event be a real blessing for all RPCs.

o Nov. 9 – We will lead a marriage seminar at Maranatha RPC (Temixco). Pray that it will be a blessing moment of reconciliation for all attendees.

o Nov. 10 – Abe will lecture at TEE (ex-Seminary by extension) of Cuernavaca. Our 13-14 students are hunger to learn the Word. Some of them are even interested to continue studying later at Seminary level. As they continue learning of the Word, may they hear God’s call for His kingdom service.

o Nov. 19 – Dec. 4 – Elaine will be up in San Jose, CA, to help her sister with newborn baby. She is due sometime in mid November. Pray that it will be a real sisterhood time.

o Thursdays – We continue to serve Seminary in Mexico City. Pray that students will grow in knowledge and spirituality, and our contribution will be significant for the institution, too. Nery and Odon are on their last year, so needed much prayer for their responsibility to graduate next summer.

o Pray for Elaine’s activities: Bible study on Wednesdays, One-to-one discipleship training with Karla (Wednesdays), personal encounter with Vianney, prayer time with Goldenwoods school moms, and a class for Seminary in Mexico City.

o Pray for the ministry of Tiempo Con Dios (a monthly devotion). We distribute 150 copies to 6-7 church groups. May it serve each devoter to get near and fall in love with God’s Word.

o Pray for Abe’s work on revising One-To-One Discipleship Trainning manual, Creciendo y Madurando: new believer church guide (Spanish and Ch’ol), and translation of a book on Christian spirituality (Korean-Spanish).

o Pray for pastor Jose Ocampo and his wife Julia Bustos. Pastor Jose is a very well dedicated and organized man of God. He knows what he is doing and how is being done. Most of his time is driven for God’s business. However, it seems never enough his time for his own family. Julia has occasionally expressed us her sense of loneliness. We love this couple … so precious in God’s eyes!

o Brother Cho is back from Korea. We will continue our weekly discipleship training.

Thanks for your prayer, love, and giving,
God bless you!

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