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September 27, 2007

2007 October Prayer Guide

October, for some of you, means a colorful month, especially for the Michiganders. Here, in Cuernavaca, we don’t see many changes, although we have abundant of flowers all over the city. The fall is around the corner. We had lots of rain this year. It helped to cool down the summer heat. We thank God for that. But our children didn’t enjoy it for they weren’t able to dive into the pool.


a. Emmanuel presbytery meeting (Zitlala, Gro.) was a pleasant moment of fellowship and renewing commitment for God’s business. We faced also a spiritual challenge as we witnessed 24 hrs / 2 weeks feasts for their patron San Nicholas, a dead god. Fireworks, in addition to Cathedral bell sounds and mariachis, for this patron never ceased during the feasts.

b. Give thanks to the Lord for His faithfulness. Our Nanana’ school principal and the school owner gave green light to our suggestion to place a prayer-request box at the school reception desk. God answered our prayer! May it serve to fulfill God’s will in this institution! Praise God also for the addition of new Christian families to the school!

c. Thanks for Sam Boldenow’s visit and ministry. Churches are pleased to have him and wish to have more visitors in the future.

d. Oct. 28 is our 12th anniversary. Please join us in giving thanks to God for His faithfulness and grace. These were joyful and blessed time. May God continue to help us grow in His Spirit and love!


a. Sept. 28. Abe will speak at a Couples’ dinner. Expected about 10 couples among the same condominium residents. Pray for Alfredo and Rosario who organize the event.

b. Sept. 29. Maranatha church celebrates a Pastor Day. We are also invited to the party. May it be a joyful celebration!

c. Sept. 30. Obrero Felipe Arrieta is retiring from his ministerial task at Puerta del Cielo Missions. May he find a suitable place to work for the Lord in near future. Pray for God’s blessing on his Sabbath.

d. Oct. 1. Dating with Pastors and their Wives will be held in our house. May the Lord show His grace on each one of them and their ministry!

e. Pray for Ministerial Meetings (COMUNI & Field Council) during Oct. 2-8 in Mexico City, and LAAC meeting in Oct. 16-19 in Miami. Pray for wisdom on decision-making and sensibility of God’s direction.

f. Oct. 12. Emmanuel Presbytery’s leadership will visit a church in La Esperanza, Guerrero. The church is in process of coming back to the presbytery. May God’s blessing be on the church.

g. Oct. 13. Women societies of Norte, Centro, and Emmanuel presbyteries will have a joint program in Rancho Viejo, Michoacan. Abe will give a seminar.

h. Oct. 22. Elaine will give three-hour class on evangelism for women society of Emmanuel presbytery. May it be a good fellowship time and new learning for church growth!

i. Seminary by Extension (Emmanuel Presbytery) found a name for itself, “Itlahtol Totatzin (o Tlahtolteotl)” which means “The Word of Our God” in Nahuatl. It is regional and spiritual. May all of us fulfill its purpose! (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nahuatl) The study is being held on every Saturdays. Please pray for 3 teachers and 13 students.

j. Our family has started to attend Filadelfia church (NPC) for its pastor Gerardo Garcia’s request. Elaine has been playing piano.

k. Pray for Elaine’s activities: Bible study on Wednesdays, One-to-one discipleship training with Karla (Wednesdays), personal encounter with Vianney, prayer time with Goldenwoods school moms, and a class for Seminary in Mexico City.

l. Pray for the continuing distribution of Tiempo Con Dios (monthly devotional QT). We started to distribute 150 copies since last month.

m. Pray for Abe’s literature workload: revision of One-To-One Discipleship Trainning manual, Creciendo y Madurando new believer guide (Spanish and Ch’ol), and translation of a book on Christian spirituality (Korean-Spanish).

n. Pray for our car. We have still another year to replace it, but it has been an ongoing problem since last winter. Should we pray for a miracle on it?

o. Pray for our FM3. Our missionary visa has been expired as of last week. Due to the move of immigration office, the process has been delayed. Pray that we get them renewed ASAP. It also affects the use of our car. We have been using public transportation to travel to/from Mexico City. For the last couple of month, we had been stopped by police officers for revision.

Thanks for your prayer, love, and giving,
God bless you,

The Lee family

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