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August 31, 2007

2007 September Prayer Guide

September 2007

As vacations came to an end, our kids are again back in school. Before their entrance to the school, we had to cover so many books and notebooks with different color lining paper, which seems to us a wasting of time and unnecessary use of resources, thus incomprehensible for foreigners like us from a different education culture. We placed their name stickers on every belongings, including pencils. It literally took us a couple of days to make this job done, and we continue on as they bring in more books from the school. However, we are grateful as our children are excited to see their classmates.

1. We had a wonderful summer ministry with All Nations Church's Vision 800 missions team for Puebla. They did help a church in the village called Guadalupe Victoria. It was a migrating town to NY area, since many villagers are encouraged to cross the border at the age of 14. The missions team led VBS for young children, the family picture taking & framing, and dental ministry. The ministries were meaningful, encouraging for the locals, and motivating for future ministry. Thanks, ANC!
2. Thanks to Pastor Hae Hong Joo, Pastor David Jun, & Eunice Han for their ministry of One-to-One Discipleship Training. For 3-day-training there showed up 50+ participants from 10+ different churches in the area. We are encouraged and motivated to assist churches in their need ministry.
3. Monthly devotional book (Tiempo Con Dios) has been used and recommended for a number of churches since last May. It is a sign that more people are hunger for the Word. Praise that more people are finding a way to nurture themselves with the Word.
4. Presbyterial soccer tournament was good opportunity for all of us to get together and experience the Christian love.
5. Thanks for YWAM ministry at Maranatha RPC. Youth enjoyed their worship presentations and learned some pieces. Blessings on their humble ministry.

1. Sept. 3: Our monthly gathering "Dating with the pastors" & "Dating with pastor's wives" will be held at elder Francisco Martinez' house. We will report summer ministry and evaluate it with them.
2. From Sept. 4, Elaine will co-lead a lady's Bible study group in order to encourage Karla the leader. Pray for them and other ladies to faithfully attend and participate the Bible study.
3. Sept. 5: Sam Boldenow (CTS intern) is leaving. He has supported missions of Emmanuel presbytery since mid August. We are grateful to have him and worked with him. Thanks and may the rich blessing follows him.
4. Sept. 7-9: Emmanual Presbitery will held its annual-ordinary presbitery meeting in Zitlala, Guerrero. May the meeting brings good news to our churches and congregations.
5. Reformed Theological Seminary. Abe and Elaine have again started traveling to Mexico City every Thursday for classes on Spiritual Leadership and Calvinism 2 (Abe) and Evangelism (Elaine).
6. Morelos Bible Extension center. The center reinitiated its second 4-mos. modules (Aug.-Dec.) since last Saturday. We have 13+ students. Pray for teachers—Pastor Jose Ocampo, Pastor Aaron Marino, Pastor Jose Luis Gonzales, and Abe.
7. Elaine has been ministering Vianey. She has shown much interest in Bible learning. Please continue to pray for her to continually grow in Christ.

Thanks for your prayer and givings. Praise the Lord.

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