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July 28, 2007

2007 August Prayer Guides

August 2007

We’ve shared precious time of serving churches in Guerrero state along with a short-term group of All Nations Church (L.A., CA). Our children also served as translators for medical brigade. A team member described Nahum as “a portable translator.”
We also had a brief relaxing time with the Meyers by a calm lake in Michoacan. What a beautiful place it is to spend time with friends in ministry!

• This summer has been unusually (and unexpectedly) busy traveling all over central Mexico. We are so thankful to God for His protection on the roads and guarding us for good health in the midst of busy schedule.
• Thanks for your prayer on Abe’s visit to Chiapas for AMICH course. There were 30+ students and local church members who attended the study. The agency has been supported by about 10 presbyteries with purely native Mexicans (Ch’ol, Tseltal, Tsotsil, etc. of Chiapas). Praise that brother Sergio is in his final preparation to leave for God’s mission in Turkey sometime in September.
• We congratulated 16 students (Seminary by Extension) for their faithful attendance for the last 4 months of study. They finished first 4 course module of eight in total. They are now in a brief summer break.

• The father of Ilse & Max (Naomi & Nahum’s classmates) died a couple of weeks ago in car accident. He had been divorced and had lived with his two kids. Please pray for these two little children that they may find a loving family. Right now they are with an uncle.
• Continue to pray for Elaine as she disciples Vianey for Christ. They meet weekly using “A Woman After God’s Own Heart” by Elizabeth George. Pray that Vianey would do the best to become a woman after God’s own heart.
• July 27-August 13: YWAM group, who were with us a month ago, will be back to Cuernavaca from their training in Pachuca. Pray for their continuing ministry, this time, in Temixco area with Pastor Jose Ocampo and Saturnino. May their presence be meaningful to challenge youth groups in the area. The team also will visit Gethsemani RPC (Pastor Nain de Jesus) on July 29.
• August 4: Presbytery Emamuel will open a presbyterial sport tournament. Please pray for the event so that churches will have a good fellowship, and find more way to reach their neighborhoods.
• August 6: It’s back again for “Dating with the Pastors”, a monthly pastoral gathering. In this meeting we will talk about the next semester of Seminary by Extension program. We are meeting at pastor Jose Ocampo’s house.
• August 7: The Jung family, a fellow missionary with WEC and our friends, is moving to Aguascalientes to plant churches. May God’s blessing be on them as they move on to another city to extend God’s kingdom. We, especially our kids, will miss them very much.
• August 9-13: Another short-term team of ANC is coming to minister, this time, in Puebla. They will visit a rural church in, unfortunately, a tough situation. May the team will be a channel of blessing for the church to recover her power to witness God’s loving message.
• August 15-19: A group of 4 from ANC will help us offer a 3 day discipleship course in Cuernavaca. We will use “One to One Discipleship Training”. May this conference be a good tool for churches to disciple members and initiate church evangelism.
• August 19-September 5: Sam Boldenow will be here with us. We look forward to work with him in relation with Emmanuel Presbytery. May his work encourage our churches in Cuernavaca.
• August 20: Summer vacation ends. The first day of school for our kids. Please pray for them to have another good school year.
• August 25: Second quarter of Seminary by extension will initiate. Continue to pray for our teaching staff (mostly very busy bi-vocational pastors working full time at church).
• August 26: Abe is scheduled to preach at Sinai RPC in Toluca. They are celebrating a special month of the Bible.
• Brother Cho is flying back to Seoul to visit his families. May his visit charge him emotionally and morally as he gets discouraged on his study. He had struggled a lot for language and cultural barriers.

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2007 July Prayer Guides

July 2007

As the summer starts, our ministry in Cuernavaca is at full blast. We already served two short-term missions groups and another three are on their ways. We’ve greatly enjoyed their work with us in Cuernavaca as we see our local partnering churches are challenged through their services.
Our kids are home. They had their final presentations on Monday and Tuesday. They did wonderful job. For Naomi’s class presentation, Naomi sang all the solo parts. We were impressed with her singing. (She got it from her dad.)

• Kids finished the school year well. They left the school with a big smiles, a lots of hugs to their teachers and friends, and bagful of their school stuffs.
• Elaine has started Dates with the pastors’ wives. When the pastors meet with Abe, Elaine meets with their wives.
• Thankful for the Cascade CRC team for their services at Shekinah Church.
• Thankful for YWAM team (from Okanagan, Canada) for their ministry with Nazaren Church (Pastor Jose Luis).

• Elaine is starting a Bible study with Vianney from July 6. She will meet with Vianney every Friday for 8 weeks. She is going through a marital problem. May God give her wisdom to resolve the problem.
• July 14: Seminary by Extension class will have 1st module closing service. We are thankful for the students and the pastors who have put their time to learn and teach.
• July 16-18: AMICH(in Chiapas) has invited Abe to come at teach. He will be teaching Mission History. Pray for Abe as he prepares for the class and a safe trip.
• July 18-23: ANC short term missions team will visit Guerrero where Pastor Gregorio serve. May this trip be a blessing to the team and the church.
• July 20: Elaine is scheduled to preach at annual Woman’s society meeting.
• July 23-25: We are planning to take a vacation with another missionary. May God give us the rest we need.
• July 27-Aug. 23: YWAM will come to Cuernavaca for their outreach ministry. May God open a lot of doors for ministry opportunities and through them, many will come to know God.
• July 29: Abe will preach at Filadelfia church as the church celebrate 49th anniversary.
• We’ve asked you to pray for Brother Cho’s friend. God has not opened the door to meet him. Regretfully, immigration officers came and took him. And Mexico sent him back to the states. He was running from FBI. He will be lock up. Please pray for him so that he will meet God through prison ministry.

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July 10, 2007

2007 May-June Prayer Guides

May-June 2007

• Following the annual spiritual retreat among CRWM Mexico missionaries in El Paso/Cd. Juarez, we’ve had a touching Mother’s Day celebration back in Cuernavaca. All the mothers of Emmanuel presbytery were honored by their churches in a Mexican style with Mariachi.
• Emmanuel Presbytery’s Seminary by Extension program has started with 18 students and four teachers, including Abe, are joyfully in service.
• The S & E is doing their best in learning cultures and languages as a way of serving the Lord in North Africa.

• Pastor Julio Carvajal seemed to have joined pastor Armando, ex-RPCM synodical president, who was dismissed by his doctrinal difference. Carvajal has showed his interest in leaving the denomination, and split his former church to take over a group of people who seem to support him. Pray that this be managed in the care of God.
• Seminary by Extension classes are every Saturdays (4-8 pm). On the 19th its Abe’s turn to teach.
• Reformed Presbyterian Seminary in Mexico expects to graduate 2 students this year (June 10). They still have some works and exams to fulfill. May God double their wisdom and patience.
• May 24-August. AMEM assists Perspectives Courses (a mission-focused program). We pray that many would come and bear God’s heart for the lost in the world.
• May 28. The first meeting for Aventura Misionera Infantil (Children’s Mission Adventure) will be held in Centro Cristiano Satelite. The event succeeded last year teaching children about the needs of the Gospel in the international neighborhood. Pray that the Spirit will give the ministry team power and vision for abundant harvest.
• Dates with Pastors is settling down for the pastors and their ministerial needs. June 4 at pastor Jose Luis’ house.
• Pray for summer work group, Cascade Fellowship CRC (MI). The team will help Shekinah RPC to finish its roof for worship room. They will serve this church and others during June 8-18. They will also do children evangelism in Puente de Istla, Mor.
• Brother Cho (a Korean student of Univ. of Estado de Morelos) had mentioned us about a male who did drug business. May God guide us whether it is a God’s ministry opportunity through us.
• Pastor John Lee (All Nations Seminary) is in plan to visit us and challenge our pastors and students to start Devotional life with “Tiempo con Dios”. Pray that it will be a blessing for our churches as they get closer to the Word.

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