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March 31, 2007

2007 April Prayer Guides

Mexico before God ...

Spring is in town, adorning with colorful bugambilia. It brings in a lot of citalinos as they plan for Easter vacations escape.

Abe’s Chiapas trip was a fruitful visit as you find its update below.

The S & E left to N.Africa and are in cultural training. The trip took them longer (2 more days) than expected but safely arrived to their destiny. Praise God who will lift them up for His glory.

Early March, our children enjoyed Spring Mini Olympic Games at their school. It revived our childhood at schools in Korea. Much memory came back to life. It was also an opportunity to get to know other parents and their spiritual needs.

April 1. Bethel church (Cuernavaca, Morelos) invited Abe again for Palm Sunday preaching. May we all reinstate and apply the very meaning of Christ’s ministry on the cross leading up to faith in His resurrection.

April 2. The pastors of Emmanuel Presbytery will again gather together for mutual growth. It’s been 4 months and learning to open up their homes and share their ministry and life burdens. Wow it's been such a blessing for all of us.

April 6. La Hermosa church (Temixco, Morelos) will host the presbytery for a joint Good Friday service. Abe will preach.

April 8. Filadelfia church (Palenque, Chiapas) invited Abe to preach. Pray for pastor Pedro Gutierrez, a graduate of Reformed Seminary in DF, who has been gracious with us. Pray also for his ministry.

April 9-13. AMICH (Chiapas Mission Agency) programmed a mission intensive course with Abe in Agua Azul, Chiapas. It’s our honor to serve this agency and 20+ student-pastors whose mission interest has been nourished by so many good scholars.

April 20-21. Our children will join the children of Bethel church on their retreat in Oaxtepec, Morelos. Pray that these young believers would experience the love of God.

April 21. Abe will teach his 2nd session of Interpreting the Bible, Seminary by Extension. Pray that the 18 students will learn and be humble in the presence of God. We’ve been focusing on Christian character formation.

April 22. We will visit Zacatepec church (Zacatepec, Morelos). Pastor Oscar Gonzalez has been administering a seminary by extension group. Abe might be a teaching personal.

April 26-30. CRC Mexico missionaries will have a retreat in El Paso, Texas. Pray that it would be a time of spiritual renewal and learning time for a better ministry in Mexico.

Continue to pray for Abe & Elaine’s teaching duty (Missiology, Institutions, & Evangelism II) at Reformed Theological Seminary in DF.

Pray for summer mission groups. We’ve been conversing with a couple of churches. May they see the needs in Mexico with God’s eyes.

Brother Cho (a Korean student of Univ. of Estado de Morelos) has been in discipleship course with Abe. Praise God for his spiritual growth.

Thanks for your concern and care with prayer. In abundant blessings.

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March 24, 2007

Hooray, our fellow minister Jose Lopez!


I am back from Chiapas with a joyful update. It increased my gratitude as I enjoyed teaching a group of the Word-lovers. Pastor Jose Lopez (far left) with 16 students welcomed me for a week class on spiritual leadership. They include Francisco, Cristina, Felipe, Betty, Federico, Samuel, Raul, Marbella, Roda, Oscar, Lucas, Jose Antonio, Eloy, Rosa, Maria, & Jose Manuel. Special thanks to Cristina, who was also busy nursering her 4th son. Her husband is so supportive--unusual in their culture--that allows her study off home. She is from Nueva Esperanza, a village on a different mountain.

It's been almost 7 years since we opened the Institute and pastor Jose was one of the first students. His Spanish was as bad as my Ch'ol was. He graduated two years later. Not only his Spanish but his Bible knowledge also improved. He was one of my sharp and wise students. The time passed by so fast. About 1 1/2 years ago, right before our departure to USA for home-service and then our permanent move to Cuernavaca, I called the students and reminded them, for the last time, the importance of this teaching ministry and the urgency of its local ownership. It seemed hard for them to grasp my words and thoughts. I thought my words were hitting the wall. It was my latest thought even after the last year visit to Tocob campus.

The things changed. My thought changed. I was wrong. I am glad that I was wrong on this. Last year, pastor Jose did resign from his pastoral duty at his hometown church in order to serve the Institute on full time. It was not an easy decision for him to make but he did it anyway. He told me that he did finally buy my words on local ownership of the Institute and the reason to raise the younger generations for Christ.

One morning, he woke up very early and disappeard into dark mountains to collect firewoods in order to serve the students with hot coffee and tasty dishes. Francisca, his wife, has been all day long in the church kitchen cooking with other ladies. The simple looking foods tasted even delicious. It was a heaven to me. I am so pleased to have known and discipled such a pastor whose heart is now available for his people: Cho'ls of Tumbala and Tila.

Please join us in prayer for pastor Jose and his ministry at "The Good Seedsower" Reformed Bible Institute of Chiapas. May his vision enrich and multiply the number of students!

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March 06, 2007

In the Father, Son, & the Spirit...


Our dear friend almost cried as he lift up his hands for the last time to bless His people. Last Sunday service was a blessing for all of us. We put our hands up on him and prayed that God would continue to bless him and his family as they move on to next chapter of their ministry in a faraway country(xxx). They are going for, at least, three years to serve God in a very different but meaningful way outside his home country. It's blessing for all of our churches here in Cuernavaca to send him out for a greater harvest. God bless you, brother.

(His name and the country are anonimous for a reason)

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Whose is missions? Does it belong to US churches? Now our dear friend left to a remote country to work for Christ. It's been long years of preparation and prayer. Today they left to a harvest field. In times, they were scared, they cried out for a clue of certainty--to make sure that this is what God wants of them, and they prayed daily not to regret later in the field for having made such a decision of going to a faraway land of different cultures and different ways of living. I am sure, after all, that God had told them to go anyway, because He will take care of their steps and needs.

Mexico has started to export the Gospel for Christ. May He be glorified as they walk for Christ in this remote country. Pray for them, please.

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March 02, 2007

2007 March Prayer Guides

Mexico before God ...

Spring is around the corner. But it feels like summer here in the city of Eternal Spring. Wherever we go we are pleased to see beautiful colors of bugambilia flower.

Dr. Rene Padilla was in town and blessed churches with studies on holistic missions. Participants have been challenged to do more than what they’ve been doing and search for what they could do even more.

A long-time awaited babyboy was born to Cesario & Maria Guillen last month. They are glad to have this blessing following four girls. Cesario is undecided how to name him. He is flipping over scouring all the genealogies in the Bible. He wants to name him with a biblical name. Any idea? What about "Jairo," which means joy?

Emmanuel Presbytery will launch, after 2 years recess, its seminary by extension program to train their lay leaders. On March 3 they will have the opening service. Abe & 3 national pastors will serve the first 3 months as instructors. It will be every Saturday at a church in Temixco.

March 4. El Nazareno RPC will have a special morning service for pastoral transition (leave pastor Julio and pastor Jose Luis in). The afternoon service will be a commission service of the S&E who will soon depart to N. Africa on March 6. Please pray for their safe trip to and smooth settle down in this Muslim country.

March 5. Abe will lead monthly breakfast meeting with pastors and study together in Temixco. Pastor Julio will host us.

March 11-14. Abe will travel to Chiapas for Chiapas Bible Institute. In Tocob center, he will teach leadership class.

March 18. Abe will preach at Emanuel NPCM. This church has been without preacher more than a year. Every Sunday the church has had guest preachers. Pray that they will find a good pastor-preacher.

March 25. Abe will preach at Bethel NPCM. This church has been a key church in the city. Pastor Alex Loya submitted resignation letter and his term will be terminated by June 07. May the church find a good mission-minded pastor. The church is moving into that direction. Meanwhile pastor Alex is in a special ministry with professionals.

Brother Cho (a Korean student of Univ. of Estado de Morelos) has been discipleship course with Abe. We could tell the divine will in bringing him to Cuernavaca and had us meet him. Praise God for the growth in him.

Continue to pray for Abe & Elaine’s teaching duty (Missiology, Institutions, & Evangelism II) at Reformed Theological Seminary in DF.

Esdras Concepcion (a seminary graduate who lives in Palenque, Chiapas) has been called to pastor Tenosique RPCM. May his service be real blessing to the church and his family to grow in the Spirit.

Amigos Sin Frontera (Medical brigade) reports another great ministry in Durango State. It was a long and tough travel to and from and in between. Life up all those who met Jesus through this ministry.

Thanks for your concern and care with prayer. In abundant blessings.

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