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January 31, 2007

2007 February Prayer Guides

Greetings from Cuernavaca, Morelos. We praise God for His faithfulness in each of us, our life and ministry.

Abe spent a good week with his grandmother and friends in Paraguay. She suffers from Alzheimer. Praise God that she is in good health for her age (90) and pray that she’d walk in God’s grace day by day.

Praise God for all the pastors of Emmanuel Presbytery started daily devotion with Nuestro Pan Diario (RBC), and study together Lo Que Significa Ser Reformado (CRC) at our monthly "Encuentro con Pastores" meetings.

El Nazareno RPC’s pastoral transition has been settled. Pastor Jose Luis Gonzalez took the call for this church. Thanks for your prayer. However, as a consequence, Maranatha RPC is now in search of a pastor, along with Shekinah RPC whose preacher is moving onto La Hermosa Mission. Abe will preach more often at Maranatha RPC until its search committee finds a pastor. Pray that each church would call for a visionary & mission-minded pastor. Pray for pastor Julio Carvajal whose future is uncertain at this point.

A mission in Nopalera (Pastor Jose Ocampo) has shown a rapid growth. Last Sunday there were 20 worshippers in a family service. Bless the Salazar family for their openness and hospitality.

Shekinah RPC (Temixco) & Bethel RPC (Guerrero) want to give the finishing touches for their temple. May God provide its construction needs and hands to work.

We will visit a church in Toluca. Pastor Tino, a friend from Chiapas, invited Abe to preach on Feb. 4.

La Hermosa RPC (a mission under Shekinah RPC) will celebrate anniversary on Feb. 11. Abe will preach. May she continue to grow by God’s Spirit.

Mr. Cho (a Korean student of Univ. Auton. de Estado de Morelos) decided to have a One-to-one discipleship with Abe. We have ministered his marriage needs so far. May God reveals His purposes in him through discipleship course.

Dr. René Padilla will be in town for a conference on Feb. 24-26. May it be a blessing for all the pastors of AMEM.

Continue to pray for Abe & Elaine’s teaching (Missiology, Institutions, & Evangelism II) at Reformed Theological Seminary in DF.

Esdras Concepcion (a seminary graduate who lives in Palenque, Chiapas) is desperately awaiting for a church call. Since graduation in 2006, he has barely survived from taxi driving. His presbytery hasn’t shown him the expected ministry care. Pray that he would get a full time position at a church.

Chiapas Bible Institute should be on our knees, too. Pastor Jose is doing his best to get more students and upraise them with the Word. There are 5 new students in Tocob campus. Pray that God’s Spirit would move on that institution.

Amigos Sin Frontera (Medical brigade) targets to reach out Durango State on their upcoming brigade in late February. May they get all the needs to accomplish this upcoming missions. We will not join them this time.

Thanks in advance for your time and effort praying for God’s mission in Mexico.

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January 27, 2007

Sonia is now 'Señora'


Sonia is no more adolescent but a 'señora'. After a long period of personal struggles for life, she made a decision to marry Yang to serve God. She majored Spanish and voice. She wanted to sing for God. Mr. Yang studied psychology and wants to continue for pastoral ministry. He (they) plans to study theology at a seminary in Korea.

He was born in his mother's prayer. He was a Samuel. Please join us to bless the newly wed family. Pray for them and God's work through them.

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January 26, 2007

Kids are growing!


Nathan just had his 8th birthday party. We delivered Domino's pizza to his classroom. A dozen of his classmates enjoyed 'em and, moreover, Nathan did with his new toys. Later afternoon he had another at home with his Korean friends and kids of the town. We all sang him a song "La Mañanita". Nathan seemed to gain 2 years at once today. He was so happy. Blessings, Nathan. We love you!

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Guarani land visit

Early January Abe flew down to Paraguay, the land of Guarani, for Sonia's wedding, who is like a sister to him. He met his dearest grandmother who is almost in her 90s, but suffers of dementia. She remembers of old time, which helped her remember Abe her first grand son. However, in a minute later, she asked back "Who are you?" It was tough and sad. Abe hugged and blessed in prayer. She liked it. She responded to it with a hug. Dear God! please bless her to the last day of her life.
Dear friend, Daniel Park. He has become a guardian of Paraguay. I mean...he is one of a few friends still in that remote country, while others have remigrated onto USA or other South America countries. He lives with his wife and 3 beautiful girls, whose growth give him smile all day. Though he might have had difficult moments of life due to economy in Paraguay, but his faith in Christ is always the priority #1. Blessings, my friend.
Pastor Carlos Roberto Maureira & Mrs. Angela Ramos are Abe's first fellow ministers in his ministry experience. As they continously used "...sira-a" (a Paraguayan suffix expressing friendliness), they spent hours talking. Updates on their children: Suan went to Spain to explore her life, and Carlitos preparing for his college in the US. God bless them.
Soo Wan "Smurf" Lee got finally married and has an year old boy. During Abe's visit, his son was sick and SW ran allover the town looking for medical attention. He runs a small business, repairing and selling glasses. His shop became relatively small as we grew up and the city become a competing jungle. May God bless his marriage and business.

Besides, Abe met Joon-Myung, Kwang-Jong, Jae-Wook, and Dong An, who is missionary pastor in town.

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