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December 23, 2006

Linus: "Christmas Is All About"

If anyone asks you, "What Is Christmas All About?", what would your answer be? ______________________ Linus tells Charlie Brown what "Christmas is all about"... Merry Christmas, dear fellow Christian!

Source from http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gE0pXpw4q-c

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December 09, 2006

Download Dec. 2006 Newsletter

Please click the picture below to download Our December 2006 NEWSLETTER (Year 7, No.2).

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December 03, 2006

Calderon Installed

Using some intrigue and a seldom used stage door, Calderon and Fox managed to slip into the congress building on Dec. 1 at 9:43. They completed the constitutionally required congressional transfer of power in less than five minutes before a chaotic quorum of Congress.

The PRD members had blocked all of the main entrances stacking up chairs against the doors. But the PAN members, for 4 days and nights now, have controlled the platform area where the transfer took place. This morning at 8:00, an hour and 45 minutes before Filipe and Vicente arrived, a huge fist fight and chair throwing protest broke out on the floor. It was wild with some minor injuries to congressmen and women.

Calderon and Fox had said they would come at 10:15 am but suddenly, one-half hour early, there they were reciting the formal words of power transfer and passing the presidential Banda before many on the floor realized what was happening. The PRD members were chagrined because they were confident they could block this formal event.

Former President Bush and the USA ambassador almost missed the show getting into an upper balcony of the Congress just minutes before Calderon appeared.

The PAN president of congress then quickly announced the National Anthem after the power transfer and no one, of course, dared to embarrass themselves during this holy moment. Immediately after the anthem Calderon and Fox quickly left the Congress at 9:47.

Fox flew off to his ranch to retire. Calderon headed to the National Auditorium and, under tight security made a thirty minute speech to thousands of invited guests including those who came from abroad.

Then Calderon went to the big military camp on Constituentes for a military review and another speech. Right now he and hundreds of invited guests are having comida at the Museo de Antropologia. Tonight there is a dinner and dance at the Castillo in Chapultepec.

Meanwhile, this morning AMLO occupied the Zocalo, and before about 50 thousand of his supporters, protested the presidency of Calderon for about 90 minutes. He was not wearing his presidential sash. Not even a tie.

It looks like we are getting through this historic day without major violence but it surely was an ugly, at times almost comical, transfer of power.

Bill VT

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2006 December Prayer Guide


Motives to Praise God in this month...
Last month, our children joined Bethel church’s children choir. Liliana the music director from Chiapas is well trained and so dedicated to lead children into a truthful worship to the coming savior. Blessings on her ministry.

Lately but unexpectedly scheduled preaching & the Lord’s Supper at Filadelfia church was a joyful experience. It was the first time Abe led the Communion since the ordination in 2000.

We had a good Thanksgiving dinner with missionaries in town. Elaine was the only Korean lady able to cook turkey. It was a good time to all of us sharing foods and visions for God’s kingdom in Morelos state & beyond.

Thanks in advance for your ceaseless prayer and givings.

Needs to God's attention...

El Nazareno church is in transition of her pastor. The church is hesitating to have pastor Julio back again, who served last 2 yrs but also complained a lot against elders. Most members are concerned of his immaturity to pastor this church tough in practice and with greater needs than he could offer.

Emmanuel Presbytery’s Women society will gather together for a study in Quetzultenango, Gro. (Dec. 2-3) May the voice of Jesus through the speaker be heard so they would commit themselves to a better & fruitful motherhood to family!

Pastors Alliance in Morelos State (AMEM) will have Christmas breakfast on Dec. 8. May the spirit of Christmas unite the ministers so continue to build together the greater kingdom of God in the area!

Preaching schedules:
(a) A Korean church in Puebla invited Abe to preach on Dec. 10. This church has been without a pastor for months; thus got help from missionaries nearby the area. May God show His grace to them! (b) Shekinah church will celebrate her anniversary service on Dec. 16. Abe will deliver the Word. (c) Abe will also preach at Maranatha church on Dec. 17. Pastor Jose Luis has been elected to pastor El Nazareno church, which finds in a difficult transitional stage.

Abe’s Seminary students (Gilberto, Carolina, Betsabet, & Areli) are busy writing final term papers due by Dec. 14. May it be a blessed time for them!

Elaine is again reassigned to teach a course for next semester at RPC seminary. Pray for her to regain the teaching spirit fully as she prepares the course on missions.

Merry Christmas to all. We wish you a rain of blessing in this time of great joy.

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