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November 16, 2006

Learn Evangelistic Magics


Last weekend (Nov. 11) and Monday (Nov. 13) were days of laughter as Sunday School teachers from various churches in Mexico D.F. and Cuernavaca gathered together to learn some Christian magics. Joy Park from All Nations Christian Reformed Church, Los Angeles, came with bagful of materials (blocks, strings, colorful papers, newspapers, candles, red paints, etc.) for the activity. At Gethsemani Reformed Presbyterian Church, Mexico D.F., gathered 40+ teachers in addition to handful of Korean teachers, from Toluca, Xochimilco, Ajusco, Totolco, Coyoacan, etc. Also at El Nazareno RPC gathered two dozens of teachers. Unfortunately Ana was accidented on her way to the activity, but was dischared later afternoon from the hospital with a minor wound. Praise the Lord.

Everyone was pleased and eager to teach right back to their church kids. Thanks to Park JDSN.

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November 06, 2006

Sund'y School on FIRE!!!


A small church nearby Cuernavaca airport was on fire last Sunday morning. Sister Lupe has been inspired as she prepared and led the study. She talked about emotional pains which Christ promised to heal. As the theme developed into dealing with a number of divine promises, she was so excited to have had Christ in her life and started to invited few people at study to deeper prayer. It was a challenging moment and God did pour a bucketful of blessing. It was a blessing to me. God bless this church.

FYI. The church lacks space (room) for children ministry as you'd see it on our FLICKR Photo gallery. Please click on the top picture to explorer the gallery. If you wish to visit our ministry in Cuernavaca as an individual or in group, please write to abe@nanana.org or chiapslee@gmail.com. God bless you.

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November 03, 2006

All Saints Day, the spiritual battle


It was a real spiritual battle. On Nov. 2, at 7:00 pm, we went on to visit Zocalo, Mexico City. Thousands of people made a sea the place. In between them were figures of their deceased and altars with offerings. Everyone in the park was busy taking pictures with the dead figures, eating feasible foods like tamales & special bread, dancing in honor of the dead, and singing at a stage of the far-end park.

People were dressed in dead costumes as if they were in contest. I was saddened right away. It is the very reason to be here in Mexico. Jesus said on the cross, "they do not know what they are doing." The bottom line is that they need the gospel that transforms lives and society.

Click on the top picture to explorer for more pictures about the battle.

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November 02, 2006

2006 November Prayer Guides


We praise the Lord for His initiative ahead of us in ministry to Emmanuel Presbytery. The newly elected directives have favorably responded to our suggestions and happy to minister together to its churches. Some meaningful activities, by the way, have been made in October.

Praise God for His leadership in our children’s school needs. We’ve found very suitable school called Goldenwoods School. Though we have originally thought of homeschooling and were happy to find a Spanish homeschool network but it became more burden on us rather than lighten it. So we thank God for His care of our everyday needs.

The following we ask your prayer.

Every Sunday we do visit different churches to find out their actuality and their ministry needs. May our church visits be done at right moment of their situation.

An important evangelistic campaign has been scheduled on Nov. 9-11. Billy Graham Evangelical Association will launch this 3-day TV program at Mexican primetime (9:00-10:30 pm). Thousands of churches are praying and planned to share the gospel to their neighbors allover the nation. Pray that it will be a blessing to God’s churches.

Mrs. Joy Park (ANC, Los Angeles) an expert in children ministry, will lead two seminars on children ministry in Gethsemani RPC (Nov. 11) and El Nazareno RPC (Nov. 13). Pray that it will help churches build their programs for children.

Maranatha RPC’s Youth group plans a 3-day conference-retreat (Nov. 24-26). The theme is “our identity”. Abe will lead the first session with a special emphasis on our identity in worship. Pray that they will value our Christian identity on our everyday walk.

La Hermosa Missions will host ladies for a training institute on Nov. 25 and Quetzultenango on Dec. 2. Women society of Emmanuel presbytery has been very active trying to keep its spirit up.

Please join us in prayer for pastors and churches: Julio Carvajal (El Nazareno), Francisco Melendez (Bethesda), Jose Luis Gonzalez (Maranatha), Saturnino Arellano (Shekinah), Jose Ocampo (church planting), Esteban Solis (Bethel), and their co-pastors. May the Spirit hold them up for His kingdom ministry.

Pray for pastor Sam and his family as they prayerfully await their departure to N. Africa in January. Pray that God will strengthen them with the divine vision to reach out the people of that country with the saving gospel.

Pray that we will continue to develop good relationship with churches in town and make most for ministry expansion. Praise God for His faithfulness in our walk.

Thanks in advance and Blessings.

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