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October 31, 2006

Meet the Pastors

Last Monday (Oct. 30) pastors Julio and Samuel showed up for the monthly meeting with Abe. In a non-busy park, we spent about three good hours sharing each one's situations and concerns, and we prayed for each other's ministry. Pastor Julio told me his concern with an elder whose strong personality has challenged his ministry. Pastor Samuel shared his experience at mission training center and afterward as he prepares to leave for missions to N. Africa. Unlike Korea or other Christian countries, it has been very difficult for him to raise his need fund to cover his upcoming 3 yr missions expense in that country. He just finished collecting funds for his travel tickets in coming January.

While other pastors went on to Tijuana for synod meetings, we;ve had good time together blessing upon each other's ministry. Praise the Lord for this opprtunity to get to know each other better.

Please continue to pray for our ministry in Cuernavaca.

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October 17, 2006

Emmanuel in Zitlala, Gro.


It was a rainy Sunday. Three churches from Cuernavaca (Emmanuel Presbytery) headed up to Bethel Church in Guerrero mountains. Kids was excited travelling in two rented buses. We've arrived late to the church though we left early enough at 5:30 a.m. because the buses zigzaged very slowly on slippery roads due to the rain.

Pastor Esteban Solis was happy to see the buses slide in his town. His church worked hard to welcome us and celebrate her 24th birthday together. The thanksgiving service was about 4 hours long...it seemed like an endless moment: words of 'felicitaciones' and special songs from country songs to mariachi to contemporary music.

Everyone was happy regardless a long hour of the service. But I questioned, What are we celebrating for? What is the meaning of 24th anniversary? The church has ONLY about 50 members after all. Is it good reason to celebrate?

I got the answer awhile later. Thinking of the number of its members the service has no meaning. However, it was a meaningful service as we think of the context the church has been in for such a long time. Guerrero state is not an easy place to plant a church, and it is hard to sustain her. Inhabitants in general seem very aggresive and hard to bring them to Christ comparing to Chiapanecos.

We celebrated so blessed the church for having SURVIVED 24 years of hard and dangerous time. Our thanks and praise be to God.

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October 06, 2006

2006 Summer Newsletter is Uploaded

Please click the picture to download the UPLOADED NEWSLETTER.

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Back in Morelos


Thank you all. We've made the trip to Laredo a border city and the car is back in style. Our children got toknow better of Texas...everything in Texas style--restaurant, Ford F-Series, etc. etc. you name it. Everywhere is the big Texan Star for business, signs, streets, and license plates...

We are grateful to come back here and extend our gratitude for your prayer and thoughtful concerns. Specially thanks to San Antonio Campus (Rev. Park) family of All Nations Church for your warm welcome and Sunday lunch, and so many other ways of expressing your love to God. God bless you.

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