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September 30, 2006

October 2006 Prayer Guides


September was the busiest month so far ever since our Cuernavaca ministry got started. Today, however, we find ourselves in Texas waiting anxiously to get fixed our car. Hope it is not a major repair, but just transmission. We guess the car is getting old after its years of service in Chiapas. The following is our need of your prayer. Thanks in advance.

Oct. 8. Though we are uncertain on the repair schedule of our car, Abe hopes to make this happen—preaching at Filadelfia NPC in downtown Cuernavaca. The church has been longtime cared by an elder whose father passed away when preached from its pulpit. It was the mother church for many churches and pastors in town. The sermon theme of October will be on Protestant Reformation.

Every Thurs. Abe rides bus to his way to Reformed Seminary in Mexico City. Pray for God’s wisdom and guidance for him to effectively teach his class.

Oct. 13-15. In Mexico City, Expolit (Christian Literature) will bring thousands of people together in celebrating seminars and exhibitions of Christian literatures and other resources. May it be a blessing for Christians to explore and grow in their knowledge of God.

Oct. 15. Bethel RPC in Zitlal, Guerrero state, will celebrate her 24th anniversary. Pastor Esteban Solis who has served the church for many years without any gratification does expect all presbytery will attend the special service.

Oct. 16-19 & 17-20. There will be 2 mission gatherings: Miami, FL, and La Habana, Cuba. These will exclusively be done for Korean missionaries in Central America. Their primary objective is to unite mission-minded Korean churches in this region and Korean missionaries; so they may work together for the greater Kingdom of God. Although we are not attending neither meeting, we pray that God will minister them.

Oct. 17-18. COMUNI meeting. Pray that Chol/Ebenezer presbyteries and Emmanuel presbytery will learn and appreciate more of the very meaning of CRC’s monetary support through this committee. We acknowledge that somehow they have become dependent on this support.

Oct. 19-25. Field Council Meetings and BSC training. Pray for the agenda, deputation, and training—trainers and trainees.

Oct. 28. Our 11th anniversary. Praise God for His ongoing blessing in the last 11 years of our marriage. He never failed … not even once.

Oct. 30. First Gathering with Emmanuel Pastors. It is a personal invitation we’ve made to the presbytery leadership. Along with breakfast, we will do some devotion, share ministry resource, and minister their need as pastors. It will be monthly activity.


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September 25, 2006

Meetings & Service


Last weekend, we had Emmanuel Presbytery's 25th Annual Meeings. A new directive was appointed for a 2 yr service. Pastor Jose Luis Gonzalez, new president, delivered a message on Christian Leadership which enabled delegates and local church to reply back AMEN to the Word of God. May his service be fruiful and bring joy to every church in the presbytery.


After the 2 day meeings, we've had closing service and Lord's supper. The collection of cups for sacrament caught my attention. it includes cups for Tequila, well-known Mexican liquor. Afterall, it served worshippers join Christ's myeterious presence. Though such use disturbed me concentrate... It made me think on our way of doing sacrament.

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Interesting business


The other day we went to a gas station in Mexico City. Right next to our pump a medic was checking a patient (gas-station customer)'s weight, pulse, etc. I couldn't keep my camera in its bag...so took it. An interesting place to exercise his degree!

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September 12, 2006

Welcome Service (Emmanuel Presbytery)

Bethesda Church was built not long ago. Pastor Francisco Melendez in his 70s was so happy today (Sept. 10) as hosting to 200+ people from his presbytery. We've had a special thanksgiving service to welcomg the Lees as their new missionary. The service lasted 3 hours.

Abe was priviledged to preach the Word. Based on Ez. 40:1-4, he shared his vision (or dream) to make the presbytery into the Cuernavaca Sea (nickname given to a lagoon in Cuernavaca) like a container of God's much grace. May all presbytery members experience a spiritual revival of worship life in the years to come.

The Melendez sang a special song just for the Lees. It was a touching moment. Beautiful voice... "Missionary that goes..." they said. We are grateful to have such a service with such people of God.

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Amigos Sin Frontera (Medical Brigade)

About two dozen volunteers woke up at 4:30 in the morning of Sept. 1 for a mission trip to Taxco El Viejo community. Drs. Antonio Moreno & Silvia Sanchez (couple) led the group. There were 300 + patients (mostly non Christians) waiting for us to bring the priceless service. Everything was free of charge in addition to soul clinic ministry. Five dentists were so faithful attending them literally 10 hours without a chair. However, we were so happy to see smiles here and there after each treatment. We didn't loose a single soul but share the Gospel toall of them. Many returned home with new gift of salvation.

Amigos Sin Frontera (Friends without Frontiers) is a local based medical non-profit group. They have a chainful schedule: Chiapas is their next target later this year, and Durango will be in early 2007. Please pray for this ministry. It is run by 100% national manpower, though it requires some foreign assistance.

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September 06 Prayer Guides

We do enjoy the life in Cuernavaca and its people. We've met so many good people (Christians and non-). Learned many chances to serve God's people. Now we need to narrow them down along with our ministry partner, Emmanuel Presbytery of RPC and other Presbyterian churches in town. Please continue to pray for us as we engage in upcoming days with local churches and pastors. Here are some needs in September.

Sept. 1-2. Abe will join Amigos Sin Frontera’s medical brigade in Taxco El Viejo, Gro. This group of medical doctors and pastors (Antonio & Silvia Moreno, director) supported by the local pastors’ alliance has been periodically ministered like Luke the doctor among the needy and preached the Gospel in doing so. This weekend, the group plans to attend one entire municipality in Guerrero state. Abe will serve there in evangelism ministry with other pastors. They are also planning for another brigade in Chiapas sometime in November and in Durango next year. The distance and expense had never been their problem in taking this ministry forward. Abe expects to learn from them in this occasion.

Sept. 3. A neighbor church (Filadelfia NPC) is in leadership downfall. We will attend morning service. May our presence encourage them, especially her current leader, elder Gerardo Garcia. We may support the church’s leadership.

Sept. 7 (every Thurs.). Reformed Seminary in Mexico City started its school year since last week. We will travel every Thurs. to lecture there. Please pray for God’s wisdom and guidance in directing students with the Word of life.

Sept. 8. Ministerial Alliance of Morelos State (AMEM) will have its monthly gathering in Progreso. May the meeting be filled with God’s heart at which every need of each church be heard and attended.

Sept. 10. Our ministry partner, Emmanuel presbytery, will give us an official welcome with a special service in Bethesda church. Presbytery members from all over will join the service. May it bring blessing to all of us and great joy to build and share the common future.

Sept. 15. Churches and Christian organizations will celebrate the eve of the Mexican Independence Day. While the whole country drink Tequila and dance at Mariachi music, all Christians gather together in churches to give thanks to God for freedom and the life.

Sept. 16. Abe will preach on Christian freedom at The Nazarene RPC (4-5 churches will gather to have a pecial service for Mexican Independence Day).

Sept. 22-24. Emmanuel Presbytery will have its annual meeting in Shekinah Church, Temixco, Mor. The meeting will deal with our work plans and propose a lot of ministry projects. May it show our gratitude and attitude to work for the greater Kingdom of God.

Thanks. God bless you!

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September 09, 2006


It's been long time since our gallery got reaped so severely damaged. Here are our new Gallery at FLICKR. Thanks for your patience and continue to light us up with your prayer. ENJOY 'EM!!!

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