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August 10, 2006

An Event for Children in Cuernavaca

It was too short but enough to impact children's understanding of the global need. The world needs to hear the gospel. At Centro Cristiano de Cuernavaca (CCC, Christian center of Cuernavaca, a church with 3000 members) gathered 500+ children from all evangelical churches in town, including presbyterian churches. The event was called "Mission Adventure for Children." Churches from Ministry Alliance of the State of Morelos (AMEM) organized the event for children in addition to a two-day conference for adults to help them open their eyes to see the spiritual reality of the world and its need. Missionaries were given a room to decorate and present about a unreached people group or a communist country. We, along with WEC Korean missionaries, were asked to talk about North Korea. All children in 20 small groups visited different rooms where some kids teared (by sudden appearance of police dressed men to a secret worship scene: "Church under persecution") and others gave word to pray for many countries under spiritual pressure.

It was a day full of challenges as we promoted prayer movement for the world evangelization. May God continue to touch their little but powerful heart!

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Bible Institute in Chiapas update

Thank God for the Chiapas trip we recently made. Pastor Jose Lopez has worked so much during our absence. He is well committed and convinced the need of such educational ministry for his churches. We lift up their effort to God.

We did spend a week with the students who had gone on for youth retreat following the Institute. 15 students studied with whole heart. Some of them participated with great interest. Cristina Gomez was there to the last hour of the course carrying a little boy. She had been shy speaking in Spanish (for its her second language) but her love to the Word made her overcome such obstacle. Fraciasco Pañate was an outstanding student. He once was a member of Zapatista movement in Chiapas but now he fights for Christ's sake. He brought his two younger brothers to koin the study.

In the picture... A group of deacons and their wives timely served us with delicious meal and bucketful of coffee. We blessed them at the end of the week. Pascual Perez, 71, (2nd left front row) has served the church for 25 years as a deacon. Praise the Lord for his service.

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August Praise and Prayer Guide

Yes, it is true that Cuernavaca is a city of “Eternal Spring.” We’ve unimaginably enjoyed the weather during the month of July, while many of you, unfortunately, have been lashed by the extreme heat. Each day here ends with a precious drop of fresh rain, sometimes with lightening and thunders. Our kids have grown up that they no longer are afraid of noisy thunders, as if yelling at us. They have found many friends in the neighborhood. We also met other missionaries in town and had a wonderful fellowship with them.

Praises & Prayer concerns:
(1) We had a fruitful trip to Chiapas. 10 out of 15 students from the Bible Institute took a preaching course. They were very attentive to lecture. We thank God for Pastor Jose’s faithful work at the Institute. Also Elder Eusebio taught a course. After a week long study, many people gave us Chiapas coffee and a big bottle of authentic honey to appreciate our visit to their church. It was for the Lord after all.

(2) Please pray for Esdras and Eusebio who just graduated from the Reformed seminary in Mexico City. Esdras is yet to be assigned to any ministry in his presbytery. He is praying that God would give him a place to serve His people.

(3) Pray for Miguel Angel and Esmeralda. Miguel Angel was our children’s Tae Kwon Do trainer. They have been wandering from church to church for the last 2-3 years. Now they returned back to the catholic church in town. They had also been to the Adventist church and Jehovah Witness kingdom hall. We pray that God will show them a way to grow in the Spirit.

(4) Cuernavaca has been a ministry base to WEC missionaries. Though each one doing his own ministry, we do face great need to share resources and cooperate each other in reaching out the lost and build the global church of God.

(5) It's again the time to renew our missionary visa. Pray that the address change and the process of getting visa go well, though our lawyer expressed worrysome concerns.

(6) 8/4-5: Ministry Alliance in Morelos Sate (AMEM) had a mission conference. The reality and ministry opportunity to unreached people groups, including North Korea, had be introduced to 500+ children. For the adults, a couple of missionaries spoke of the importance of our churches to be missionary and visionary entities.

(7) 8/14: About a dozen of Korean missionaries in central Mexico is scheduled for a dayout fellowship. It will be nearby town of Cuernavaca. Pray that we will unite and support each other's ministry.

(8) 8/19-20: We will visit a church in Guerrero state where Pastor Jose Ocampo has frequently been visiting. We will assist a baptism service. Pray for our trip and future ministry with the church.

(9) 8/22: Reformed presbyterian seminary (STPM) begins its school year. Please pray for us as we join the faculty. We wish to lecture God's men and women with His wisdom. Pray also for more new students.

(10) Updates on Keith, Elaine’s brother: He has been able to preach at numerous retreats. He will also start a new ministry for youth dept. at his church in addition to start working for Korean Christian Community Development. Thank you for your faithful prayers for him.

We bless you with God's priceless blessings. The Lees.

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August 03, 2006

Looking for a short term Mission Opportunity?

In Cuernavaca we do have fairly good number of churches. However, great percentage of them are financially weak and difficult to self-supporting. Some Reformed Churches in the area have asked last year construction support. Of course, they are not asking to build new building from scratch, instead they need some unfinished work.

Sooooooooooo, if you've been praying and looking for a place to serve. Cuernavaca could be a place for you. Please, come and witness the grace of God. A couple of churches are in construction needs, while there are also other mission opportunities such as medical brigade, urban evangelism, etc.

Please contact us clicking on top (contact).

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Starting a new church in Temixco

Pastor Jose Ocampo informed us that he's been praying to start a mission in Temixco, Morelos. He found a Christian family in town. Jesus and Guadalupe are parents and grandparents of a family of 10. They are all building workers. They used to commute to the worksite but have spent more money than what they earned. Thus, they moved temporarily to the town where the pastor used to pastor a nearby church.

I happened to phone him and had a privilege to preach the word. It was first service of this church or to-be. I preached that Christ be praised always in this church. May pastor Jose be filled with the Spirit of God and empowered with the love of God. ... We will continue to assist this ministry. Pray for this mission.

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Praise the Lord!

We visited Chiapas last week. It was a real blessing. Many of our friends and ministry collegues have grown so much. Chiapas Reformed Bible Institute has now about 15 students. 2/3 of them attended a course on preaching (Abe taught the course). The church hosted us and treated all of us very very well with chicken soup, pork soup, and meat soup along the original coffee of Chiapas. Pastor Jose, elder Cesario and Evangelist Eusebio (newly grad of Reformed Seminary) are doing a great team work for the Institute. Praise the Lord! God is at work through them.

Elaine also enjoyed the visit as she met her former smallgroup members. Deydri and Nicolasa, among others, have made much progress in spiritual walk. Deydri and her husband are actively leading their church her husband is an elder of. Nicolasa has been leading a new mission in her town. God is raising up more female church leaders...

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