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January 25, 2005

"Ali" on our knees

A year ago, Ali (2) was taged along with hemophilia. The doctor told his parents to have a very special care of him and, if possible, never have him bruised. Ever since they had to be literally stuck on him. Whenever the boy bump against something and earns big bloody lumps on his body, Esmeralda unbearably cried out for her little son. His father couldn't concentrate on his taekwondo business during all this time. Of course, there were occasions for us to present the gospel message desiring for them to hold new hope but the eternal one in Jesus Christ. A while ago, Esmeralda has been attending Adventist Church in town. On the other hand, Miguel her husband has never improved from being a religious. We'd definitely ask your prayer for Ali's healing experience and the entire family's salvation. May they be enlightened by the touching hands of God and come to taste heavenly peace and comfort.

Posted by nanana